I have been writing professionally since 2003 and have written for a range of audiences. I started writing book reviews for local and national press, going on to write feature articles and interviews, mainly about literature and culture. Writing fiction is also one of my primary interests. I have completed two novels and am currently seeking representation.


Anthony Burgess, Beard's Roman Women: The Irwell Edition, ed. Graham Foster (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2018)

'Introduction' in Anthony Burgess, An Elegy for X (Oldham: Incline, 2018)


'A Deep Insider's Elegiac Tribute: The Work of Don DeLillo in David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest' in Orbit: Writing Around Pynchon (2016)

'Russian Holiday: Anthony Burgess in Leningrad, 1961' in Language, Culture and Society in Russian/English Studies (School of Advanced Study, 2016)

'A Blasted Region: David Foster Wallace's Man-made Landscapes' in Consider David Foster Wallace: Critical Essays (Los Angeles: Sideshow Media Press, 2010)


I have written about literature, culture and education in: The Daily TelegraphNew StatesmanTimes Literary SupplementLiterary ReviewGraduate Prospects, and Urban Garden Magazine.


Transmission was an independent literary magazine based in Manchester. Over the course of five years, it published original fiction, literary journalism, and illustration. I served as managing editor, and conducted high-profile interviews with authors such as Douglas CouplandMichael ChabonChuck Palahniuk, and Dave Eggers. I also wrote articles and reviews, and oversaw the complete production of the magazine. In 2006, it won the Incwriters Magazine Award.


Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange, ADC Theatre, Cambridge, 20-24 May, 2014 (programme notes)